Sunday, 23 January 2011

January Update

Chef Magazine

Congratulations to Rosie Birkett (editor) and the publishers of Chef Magazine.  Ive just received my first copy - new look, new size, new format, new title.   Great interview with Giorgio Locatelli whom I was privileged to meet some years ago in London.

Wine Flights

An interesting article on wine flights, something we are about to introduce here at The Market.  A wine flight is a way for diners to sample an assortment of different wines. With each wine designed to pair with a different course from the menu.

Restaurants in wine regions tend to offer wine flights as a way of allowing diners to sample a variety of wines from that region.

Restaurant wine flights have an added bonus of usually consisting of freshly opened bottles, since the wines offered as flights usually turn over quite quickly.

Wine flights provide smaller pours than normal, because of the amount of wine being offered. Generally a pour will be approximately 75ml, giving more than a simple tasting, but less than a full glass. Longer wine flights may give slightly less wine per pour, while shorter flights may be closer to full glasses.

Chef Magazine I'm trying to follow you on twitter @ChefMagazineUK but can't seem to find it??

The Week Ahead

Tuesday to Thursday eveings and Friday and Saturday beore 5pm we have our Two courses for £15 offer running.

Tuesday of next week we're looking forward to welcoming some wine enthusiasts from Astra Zenneca.  Stephen Lane from Enotria (one of our favourite suppliers) will be guiding the group through wines from Piemonte with a five course  supporting menu provided by Head Chef Chris Peck.  I may try to gate crash!

Just to remind me of the quality of Piemontese wines from Fontanafredda supplied by Enotria; tonight it's the Barbera 2007 Wine Spectator 90 pts.  I've had this bottle since 2008 and I have to say it was great in 2008 but it's outstanding in 2011!  Only another three left - must see what my friends Francesco and Rita think.

Thursday brings the first "Sweet Meets" of 2011 The Market Restaurant's own pudding clu.  A complimentary drink on arrival is followed by a small main course and five full sized puddings.

Unil the next time!

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